Monday, 10 April 2017

Bermondsey in the sunshine

“Italy and London are the only places where I don't feel to exist on sufferance.”
― E.M. Forster

I had an adventure day with my best friend on Sunday, starting with brunch of course. We love to book ahead so Village East was our destination and on the hottest day of the year so far we trundled off to Bermondsey for a feast.
The restaurant decor is really lovely, although the service left a lot to be desired. We ordered eggs and pancakes and caught up on the gossip.  The food was delicious and the prices were really reasonable.

After we'd paid we went next door for a coffee at Fuckoffee which i've seen on Instagram before and swooned over because of the neon sign.  We ordered and sat outside in the blazing sunshine feeling like locals in our new fave area.
Feeling full and lazy, we ambled (the long way round) to Maltby Street Market, which is now 5 years old and I had never visited.  It was heaving and so cute and quirky. I sampled a few bites and then decided on a waffle/donut combo with nutella and salted caramel sauce - delicious and so calorific!  Sitting in the park eyeing up boys from behind our sunglasses and admiring the blossom felt like the perfect afternoon.

If you haven't been, then go - so much to see (and eat), a lovely day out.  Love that there's still places to discover when I've lived here so long.


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