Thursday, 13 April 2017

Oxygen Free Jumping - London

“Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.”
― Paul Terry

This weekend a friend and I decided to be little kids for the afternoon and go trampolining at Oxygen Freejumping.  I'd not been on a trampoline in literally as long as I could remember so I was slightly apprehensive but ready for a bit of alternative exercise.

We arrived at the giant warehouse and signed in, we were surrounded by kids of all sizes and the occasional parent, along with a few adult groups.  Considering it was a weekend and the Easter hols I guess not surprising that the jumpers were mostly 7 year olds. If I didn't feel old before.... 
I won't pretend that Oxygen was a glam location, sweaty and sticky with sub par changing rooms for sure - but lots of staff keeping us safe which was reassuring -and super sexy safety socks too!

 The girl behind me is just resting and not dead.. I think...
After 30 mins I was seriously pooped, the kids kept on jumping and they had no fear - I was way too chicken to throw myself in a foam pit or do a front flip into a pit of plastic, but they were going for it.
My professional photographer friend hadn't quite got the hang of the action shot element of my posing.. haha, not sure they'll want me for the next advertising campaign ;)
Lots of fun and a bit of a work out thrown in too!
(wearing Tikiboom leggings)


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