Wednesday, 14 June 2017

An Evening at Model Market

“Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.”
― Orson Welles

On Friday evening a friend and I ventured down to Lewisham to check out Model Market. An outpost of the ever popular Street Feast London, this south east market is in its 3rd year and I cannot believe I've only investigated it now. 
We arrived just before the £3 entry fee kicked in, so it's worth getting there before 7pm. Grabbing a prosecco from the main bar we had a catch up and a wander, eyeing up the food outlets (I'd call them stalls, but they are all housed in old shops).  The Model Market has a really rustic feel, it's like a forgotten old village or something, I really liked the vibe.


We plumped for fried chicken burgers with cheesy chips. It was pretty delicious. Diets don't count on Fridays so I hear....



We grabbed a rum cocktail and headed to the mezzanine to people watch. I've never walked past this place before but it's clearly been here since the 60s, like that ugly office block behind. We chatted away as the sun set, looking out for hotties as always. There was a really nice atmosphere, but it wasn't so busy you couldnt move or had to wait ages to order food. Clearly Lewisham is not as cool as Shoreditch (yet) although there were lots of trendy young professionals amongst the families there.

Finally we decided we couldn't resist dessert any more so got 2 to share. From SE Cakery a 'bruvnut' brownie stuffed donuts with chocolate sauce. Nice but not mind blowing.  The brownies themselves looked so yummy. Then we hit up You Doughnut for a s'mores sundae, now that was worth eating. Sweet, hot, melting icecream.. what more do you need from a pudding?

Filled to the brim and feeling tipsy we departed about 10pm, definitely the place to go for a date night, mates catch up, family visit.. go hungry and take cash!


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